Phone Sex with Alex


I’m Alex. Okay, Alexandra. But call me that and I’ll probably have to hurt you, and not in a good way! (laughter)

I’m the phonesex teen tomboy you grew up playing with. The one who could run faster, climb higher, and bloody your nose when I didn’t get my way. In short – your best friend.

Okay, granted – I’ve grown up some. My chest is no longer flat, and I have curves that weren’t there before. But I still expect to get my way and I’m even more fun to play with.

I’m very competitive and love nothing better than beating your ass – at any sport! Sex is a sport – right? *laughing* I like to be the one to take control and use you for my pleasure – just take what I want and see who can last the longest. I like to play hard and cum harder – but on my terms! I want to be the one to say where, when and how. Thing is, I usually love it anywhere, anytime and in any way!


My Phone Sex Rates:

$2.50 Per Minute
*20 Minute Blocks Are Always $40.00* (calling from U.S.A. only)
2-Girl Calls / $3.99 Per Minute
3-Girl Orgy Calls / $5.99 Per Minute
Calls Outside The U.S.A. / $3.99 Per Minute


(10-Minute Minimum)

(All Calls Will Show On Your Credit Card Statement As “Chloe Enterprises“)


Thank you for choosing Chloe Enterprises for all your phone sex entertainment, we appreciate your business.

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